5 Outfits Inspired By 90s Movies

If you love movies too, you’ll definitely appreciate these!

Recently, I’ve had some fun toying with looks in my own closet. I decided that I wanted to create looks that were inspired by some of my favorite 90s movies, since it really is the best decade ever!

Take a look at these looks I created, and tell me if you think they’re all that and a bag of chips!

The key to representing all of these movies was the color black, honestly. The Mighty Ducks look was probably the biggest stretch for me because it doesn’t completely fall in with my personal color palette, BUT I can’t deny that I love that movie.

The easiest look to put together? Caitlin from Clerks. Just grab a white blouse and throw a black jumper over it, and – ta-da!

Have you ever created a look inspired by your favorite character from a movie? Do you think I nailed these looks?

If you could create a look inspired by your favorite movie character, how would you do it?

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