5 Rochester Events You Need To Experience In June

Grab a pen, or your phone, you’re going to want to jot these down!

Every month, I enjoy putting together a list of fun things that Rochester is doing. Attend these events, and have fun! I love all of them.

In June, be sure to check out…

Thursdays Downtown: Rochester’s biggest weekly summer block party is back. It’s not only a mecca for local fashionistas to show off their summer style, it’s also the best way to unwind with food and music on a Thursday. Mark your calendar for June 6th. That’s when it kicks off.

Art On The Ave: rescheduled after some rain on May 18th, this event is the best way to get a sneak peek at Rochester’s art scene. Attend tomorow, June 1st.

Med City FC vs Minneapolis City SC: Need a dose of soccer and family fun? Look no further than Med City FC! Come out this Wednesday, June 5th and all summer long!

Rockchester: Live music literally taking over the whole city in one weekend. Mark your calendar for June 14th.

Jack Swagger @ Forager: Modern Era fan? You need to be there on June 18th.

I’m planning on putting together a list of sites/places to go to get more scoop on fun things to do in my city. Stay tuned for more! Have fun at these events this month!

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