Dear Old White Women; My Band T-Shirt Doesn’t Make Me A Delinquent

Imma get some heat for that headline, I know, but c’mon – it’s the truth.

If you’re a fan of hard rock and heavy metal like me, you’ve probably gotten stares from folks because you wore a band t-shirt that has some “crazy” imagery on it. Maybe this shirt simply sports a band logo or an album cover. A fan might recognize it for what it is, but for the ones who don’t know – it (for unknown reasons) comes off as “scary.” Because, you know, skulls “always” = evil.

Of course, it’s not just “old white women” that scoff at these t-shirts or are brazen enough to ask “what” the shirt is (as if we owe them an answer), it’s really anyone who is unfamiliar with hard rock and heavy metal culture.

Like it or not, even in 2019 I’ve still found myself having to accept that the “dunderheaded/delinquent rocker” stereotype still exists. It’s wrong, and I hate it. BUT, it exists.

I wasn’t even allowed to wear these MUSIC related t-shirts at any of my radio jobs…. because they “weren’t professional.”

So how the hell can I wear these shirts in peace?

Well, I can explain that most metalheads are not, in fact, delinquents or stupid. Or, I can “play the game” and find subtle ways to introduce these t-shirts into my wardrobe in a “socially acceptable” way.

I’m happy to report that I think I’ve discovered how to do just that.

Here’s are some fun/”socially acceptable” ways to wear band tee shirts… or at least, they’ve been my observations. Take a look at the pictures below!

After looking at these pics, you might have noticed a few things.

I like to pair band tees with scarves, overalls, blazers, or skirts for a more “socially acceptable” look. It’s like magic! It’s as though just because I’ve “dressed up the shirt” it’s now magically acceptable to show in public. Then I’m just “trendy” *insert eyeroll*.

WEIRD. Not right, but also the truth.

Your thoughts?