Consider This Before Getting Upset About A ‘Lack’ Of Instagram Followers

What I’m about to share with you seems so obvious that I’m embarrassed to admit I hadn’t realized it before.

How many times have you scrolled Instagram and sighed because you wished more people were following you? You’ve engaged with others. You’ve commented on and ‘liked’ their photos. Yet somehow, it just isn’t enough to attract the attention and growth that you’re looking for.

Before you get too down about it, allow me to share a story.

Recently, I made some new follower connections on Instagram that were a relief to see. You see, these people were specifically Minnesotans, and I’m passionate about my local following. I wanted to connect with them, and they hadn’t followed me back after months of conversation.

I kept “chipping away” and interacting with them until one day they did hit that ‘follow’ button.

Then, they admitted that they “had no idea” they weren’t already following me! We’d been talking for so long that it seemed like the “follows” were mutual!

My message to you is this: DO NOT get upset if someone doesn’t “follow back” right away. Keep up the engagement, and keep putting out content that you’re proud of. Someone will see it and love it.

In time, your determination is what’s going to earn you the following that you’re working toward.

The “cutest” feed doesn’t always get the most followers. Neither do the “prettiest people.” What stands out is connection with others. Make that your focus, and I’m confident that you’ll succeed.