Ever Wondered What ‘Fox Yoga’ Is Like?

Yep. I’m actually writing about doing yoga around foxes.

If you’ve been following me for a hot minute, you’ll know that I’m a fan of foxes. They’re stealthy, fun, curious, great parents, and use their cunning nature to survive. I’m fascinated with that.

When I heard that “fox yoga” was being offered at SaveAFox Rescue near Fairbault, Minnesota I had to sign up immediately! I’m SO glad that I did!

Wanna see what the day was like? Watch below!

This rescue saves foxes from the fur trade in Canada and the US.

I learned that foxes are very curious! They were obsessed with going after our car keys, pieces of fabric, and (we were told) wanted to eventually chew on them and bury to find them later… like a dog! They had a lot of fun dog toys in their yard too.

These foxes were so silent and pleasant. The day really was peaceful.

No one was a jerk around these cute animals either. Everyone respected their space and quietly admired them as they browsed our yoga session. They were allowed into the field with us while we did our poses!

Would you try this!? I’d so go back again! Get more on SaveAFox at the link above.


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