The Instagram Hashtag Tip You Need To Know

I put it all in a video for you, boo!

If you’re on Instagram constantly like I am (I love the platform!), then you’ve probably noticed that your (and my!) engagement has sucked lately. It just seems like our posts aren’t reaching the way that they used to.

We can blame this on the Instagram algorithm all we want, but at the end of that day, we’re probably just learning about how relevant and consistent our content has to be.

If you’re not Kim Kardashian (who can post whatever she likes and get tons of interaction regardless), it might be worth trying what I mention in this video.

As I said, all of this could completely change tomorrow if Instagram decides that it wants to mix things up again – but, right now I am noticing that it’s so important to make sure that your hashtags match what you’re actually posting about. In other words, let your hashtags reflect your caption.

Take this pic of my pizza for example. It’s been the one that’s gotten me a huge amount of reach purely through hashtags.

My caption is all about family, my city, and exploring. Guess what my hashtags used for this one were? …you guessed it!


All of them matched my caption. I tagged “selfie” here because I really did take this myself with my tripod.

If you’re posting a selfie on Instagram, don’t use #fashion or #style. A selfie is not an outfit post. We can’t see your whole outfit! I’m under the impression that Instagram is cutting out a lot of that “clutter” for those of us who search hashtags with the intent on finding exactly what we’re searching for.

Want some more tips?

  1. Don’t use the same hashtags either! Mix them up! Experiment! Take notes on what works for you and your account.
  2. For the sake of all that is holy, do not get bogged down by a slight change in your insights. The algorithm changes all the time. Don’t be afraid to experiment to combat this!

Give these a try and let me know how they work for you!

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