This Rochester Store Stayed Open For Me After Hours

I’ve known these ladies for a little while now, so this shouldn’t have surprised me… but it did.

Last Thursday, Real Deals in Rochester opened their boutique up to any fashionista that wanted to see the new fall trends coming our way. This meant sneak peeks of animal print, camo, and horizontal stripes!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to the show, but I did race over after hours to check the place out. Guess what? Ange and Ashley still opened up their doors for me!

I found plenty of cute fall trends in addition to tons of fall decor that you need in your place immediately! We had lots of laughs, and they told me that their fashion show was really cute and successful. They’ve got pics to prove it too!

They didn’t have to open their doors up for me, but they did. That meant a lot!

Real Deals is truly your one stop shop for anything fall. They’re ready for you! Get a look at everything they’re stocked with here.

Have you been?


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