5 Fashionably Creepy Items You Need For Spooky Season

Let’s just start with bones, spiders and bats…

Holy excitement, batman! You guys know that I love fall. I love spooky season. To me, there is simply no better way to celebrate it than by experimenting with your look.

If creepy things are your thing, you’re going to love some trends going around that I’m on top of this fall! ModCloth and Target seem to be your spooky headquarters this season.

Want to see some of my favorite fashionably creepy things? Take a look!

The bone barrettes you’re seeing in my hair in this pic? I found those at ModCloth for a reasonable $12. They’re perfect for short or long haired ladies!

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Buckle up, boo! I’m unloading some baggage here. πŸ•·πŸ•Έ ↑ ↑ last week, you might’ve seen that I attended a ladies social hour with @katicooley_ ↑ ↑ I attended this event for multiple reasons; I wanted to support Kati, I wanted to force myself to socialize (I don’t get to much with odd work hours), and I wanted to meet people that I hadn’t met before. It all sounds good and healthy in theory, but when you pull into the parking lot to attend events like this, that’s when the heart palpitations start. ↑ ↑ Before I even entered the building where this event was held, I was anxious because that damn anxiety was telling me the usual (false) stories, β€œyou’re the creepy goth girl so no one will like you” and β€œyou’re not a parent, you totally won’t relate to these women.” ↑ ↑ I forced myself to go into the building anyway. Hey, I’d driven there already! ↑ ↑ I honestly was met with a huge welcome instead. None of the anxious thoughts I had were true or real. πŸ–€ ↑ ↑ So lovelies, this is a reminder to always keep exploring. You can’t find your β€œtribe” if you don’t venture out and look for them! Who knows, you just might have fun doing it too! ↑ ↑ Now tell me, are you afraid of social situations? Let’s help each other in the comments! ⬇️ Want some tips? #voguewithval

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The spider bag I’m holding in that pic is also ModCloth. Unfortunately, it’s no longer available, but keep your eyes open for a re-release this season. You never know, it might be back on sale!

This bat sweater from ModCloth is all over Instagram already! It’s a huge hit, and a must have for your closet. You can expect to see me posting with it soon!

This skeleton top I’m rocking is from Target. It’s only $13!

…and lastly, the witchiest look of all: this black mesh dress from Target that I scored for $28. My Stevie Nicks loving heart melted when I saw it! Every good (or bad) witch needs this in their closet! Not into the witchy vibes? No worries! Ditch the black hat and throw on a blazer over it, with some loafers, for a professional look this fall.

Stay tuned to my website and Instagram page! I have a feeling that as this season rolls on, we’ll see plenty of more fashionably creepy items on sale. I’m more than happy to model them so you can check them out!

More is coming!