How I Really Feel About Instagram

Have you ever heard someone say, “Ugh! Instagram is so fake. I hate it!” and actually mean it?

I’ve heard this complaint too; “Oh my god, the algorithm sucks!” Sure, sometimes the algorithm does suck, but to that I ask: why is this a concern in the first place?

You see, obsessing over an algorithm it might mean that you’re in it for the “likes” and followers. If the algorithm is against you, you know that your post has less of a chance of being seen. Or, maybe you’re just pissed that something you worked hard on isn’t “getting out there” the way you’d hoped it would.

When we think about whether or not Instagram is “so fake” and why an algorithm is important to us, we’re forced to be honest with ourselves and evaluate how we’re interacting with the platform.

I’ll admit that there have been plenty of times that I’ve rolled my eyes at a post on Instagram, or been frustrated by a “lack of substance” on the platform. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how the algorithm frustrates me.

It wasn’t until I started posting consistently myself that I put some thought into the platform and the misconceptions I’ve seen spread about it.

Just as an artist or musician hopes fans hear or see their work, content creators hope for the same. This alone is highlighted when we’re dealing with a wonky algorithm. We put effort into something, and we want you to see it! It sure does get frustrating when a bikini pic gets more likes than something with more substance to it, but hey, that’s how Instagram rolls sometimes.

However, when you start posting the way you want to; in your words, in your editing style, etc. you’ll notice that an audience finds you.

There’s plenty of Instagrammers that only post highlights, and they attract an audience that wants to see that. You also have Instagrammers that post in a unique and individual way – and guess what? There’s an audience for that too!

Simply put, I’ve grown to like Instagram for a lot of reasons. I’ve even come to think it doesn’t have to be as shallow as some users make it.

For me, Instagram has become a way to meet new people, a way to be inspired creatively, a way to be introduced to fashion items I’m into, a way to grow this website, and a way to put out alternative messages (as compared to “mainstream media”) that others gravitate too.

It’s just all in how you use it. That, my friends, is how I really feel about Instagram. How do you feel about it?