Is A ‘Rosy Brown’ Color Palette A Key To Instagram Success?

Tell me if you’ve noticed this trend on Instagram or not.

I’m going to keep it completely real when I tell you that I obsessively follow three women in particular on Instagram. Thousands of you likely follow them too – at least, that’s what their follower count says.

I am obsessed with following @steffy, @noelledowning, and @jaglever for a lot of reasons. Each of these ladies brings a sense of individuality to their Instagram presence, provide major style inspo for their followers, and they do take the time to interact with their followers. I respect that and admire that! It’s my hope to emulate that.

However, this past week I noticed that while checking my own color palette how (and watching how its changed lately), I realized that I could peep theirs for inspo too. I did all of this at Color Kuler. You can do it using your handle too!

When I compared the ladies and their palette, I noticed that they had the same ones!

So, I had to ask – is having a “rosy brown” color palette a key to success that I’ve been missing? It’s easy to say that given their measured success, the obvious answer is; yes.

I don’t think its this simple though. Call me weird, but I think their level of success is due to what I listed previously and a cute/bright/clean color palette. Does this mean “rosy brown” guarantees that look? Who knows! We just know it works for them.

I’m working on building a feed that’s more clean and professional because I want to (and I think it shows an evolution in my website too) – but don’t worry, it’s plenty grunge still.

Color palettes fascinate me because I do think they’re a big part of what makes digital and social media fun, and they’re an easy way to show off a part of your personality an aesthetic.

Mine seems to be working! I posted the same type of photo I normally do the other day… only a little brighter and cleaner than previous ones. It’s my most successful one to date. Go figure?

You lovelies were so sweet in telling me that you wanted to see this change too! Thank you! I’m loving the new vibe!

If you’re an influencer or content creator, I’d highly recommend turning to your followers as your own personal focus group.

They’ll let you know what’s up, and that benefits everyone!

Happy posting!