6 Rochester November Events You Should Attend

Crows, Thanksgiving, and jazz!? Oh my!

November in Rochester means a variety of events to check out. I’m serious. Just about anyone can find something cool to do that they’re interested in!

Ready to see what’s on tap for November?

Check out these fun events!

  • The Crows @ Gray Duck Theater: You’ve seen buzz about the making of this film, now you get to watch it! Mark your calendar for November 7th!
  • Rochester City Jazz Festival: It’s a day full of music! The jazz festival is taking over the entire city on November 10th, and lasting well into that evening. John Sievers explains, “On Friday, there is a free jazz show at Thesis from 6-8 p.m! On Saturday, there is a jazz show and live jazz sound track at the Gray Duck from 1-3 p.m. Nov 9th is the Jazz Jam at Forager from 8-11 p.m. On Nov 10 the main event will be from 1-8 with seven jazz bands at the castle and later that night a free after party at Cameo from 8:30-10 p.m!”
  • Funk N Funny Comedy Show: This is a big comedy show for Rochester at the Rochester Civic Theatre! You won’t want to miss it on November 15th!

What are you looking forward to attending this November?

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