What It’s Like To Be Your Own Social Media Team – [VIDEO]

Being your own social media team can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be.

When I started Val In Vogue in 2018, I had some experience with using digital and social media already thanks to my time in radio. If I’m further honest, I can remember the day we got MSN instant messaging and a dial-up connection at my house in 1998, so I feel like I’ve grown up with the internet.

I’m fascinated with how an online presence really can keep us connected.

I felt like I knew enough about how to use these tools to continue my online journey and create my own portfolio of sorts. Though I was accustomed to the functions of these tools, believe it or not, this required a lot of work.

Using the tools wasn’t the hard part. When you are your own social media team, you can feel alone. You can feel like everything that corresponds to your online presence falls directly onto you. You tell yourself that you don’t want to rely on anyone else for any sort of help or tips. You can compare yourself to others and question why you don’t have the following or aesthetic that someone else does. You start to tell yourself that you need to be posting constantly just to keep up.

The only way that I navigated some of that stress (I still compare myself to others!) was to find tools that made being a content creator a lot easier.

Allow me to introduce you to the ones that I use.

I learned very quickly that while these tools are beneficial, I needed to find ways to make the top apps I use for posting content (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) easier for me too.

That meant scheduling ahead. It’s been a lifesaver for me!

Scheduling ahead means that I have the freedom to post what I want to post and not worry about doing it “live” at all. I don’t have to live post during a moment that I’m not available – the apps will do it for me. My content gets released while I’m focusing on whatever else I need to, and my following is still served. It’s a win/win!

Again, I don’t have a team behind me to post on my behalf. Thanks to scheduling ahead, I have the time to create content when I actually have the time, and I’m not in a hurry to publish something that isn’t “up to par” in my opinion. I struggled with rushing to post things (live) until I learned the hard way that I was making mistakes I shouldn’t have because of it. Scheduling content and preparing it ahead of time helped me change that.

I have a full-time day job. I definitely don’t have the time to be a slave to live posting, so I’m grateful for scheduling and preparing content ahead of time.

If you are your own social and digital media team, you don’t have to feel alone. Using the tools I mentioned in the previous video helps. I’d also recommend DM’ing your favorite content creators and getting advice from them. It can be helpful to network with them. They’ve got tips and tricks too, and it’s likely that you’ll learn from each other. Try it!

Of course, this is your style personified boo; so express yourself! How do you like to create content? Are you your own team?