Tights: The Easiest Way To Dress Up An Outfit

This may seem like a difficult thing to do in the winter, but honestly it’s not. It works for all seasons.

I’m talking about the wonderful gift that the lord has bestowed upon us called tights.

Ah yes, in kindergarten in the 90s we despised them. They just seemed to be confining and very girly. Today, I oddly find the opposite for no other reason than I love their aesthetic. I think their stretchy fabric isn’t no itchy or confining. They’re comfortable!

Most importantly, they dress up any outfit that you pair them with.

Take a look at how I’ve styled some of my favorites on Instagram lately!

If you’re wondering where I got these tights, you’ll want to head to two places. I found these affordable fishnets at Target. The celestial ones, I found at Shein.

You can use tights as a fashionable layering tool, and they look great in photos! I layer mine with dresses and skirts. In the summer, I like to layer them with shorts. You can do that too!

Would you add tights to your wardrobe?

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