Use What’s In Your Closet! Get Dressed With Me – [WATCH]

I’ve got four huge garbage bags full of clothing that I’m ready to donate.

When I was done with selecting what I wasn’t going to wear anymore, I was shocked at how much I had in those piles! It was actually pretty sad. I’d clearly purchased more things than I wanted to just because it was “trendy” – and I don’t want to make that mistake again. So, I made two rules for myself when it came to cleaning out my closet; if it’s too small or just doesn’t fit comfortably – IT GOES! If I have not worn that article of clothing within the past year in any way – IT GOES! Phew, I can breathe easier now with that clarity!!

Aside from quarantine boredom, what inspired me to embark on the project was an exercise I’d completed with Jordan Jones of Portland, Oregon. If you follow her on Instagram like I do, you know her as Miss Honey Lavender. She’s all about thrifting and sustainability.

She asked to “get dressed with me,” and make a collaborative set of Instagram stories showing our morning routines and how we style what’s already in our own closets. You couldn’t buy anything new for this project. You shouldn’t have had to buy new. The point was to use what you had. I happily obliged!

We agreed on creating a fun grunge look. Check out what I did!

Okay, I’ll admit that this wasn’t a huge “challenge” for me to throw on chucks and a band t-shirt. If you’ve been following me for any length of time at all, you know this. However, I stood by Jordan’s point in completing this exercise.

You can see how she styled her version of a grunge look in her Instagram “Get Dressed With Me” highlight reel.

It’s my hope that more of us actually use and wear what’s already in our own closets. There are so many ways to use the same articles of clothing over and over in ways that aren’t boring! One example o restyling something I’ve been doing for summer office wear: turning scarves into ascots worn under a collar. Cute and professional! Plus, that scarf gets twice the use.

Check out what’s in your own closet and fall in love with it all over again!