How To Remove Heavy Black Eyeliner – [Video]

I got you, bby! If you love to wear your eyeliner as black as possible, and lay it on thick, these are some tips and tricks for you. This includes how to remove the heavy makeup.

Since the great Kat Von D obsessed phase of my life began in 2008, I started to wear my black eyeliner winged and thick. Kat was, and is, an inspirational figure to me.

Unfortunately, adopting her makeup style lead to some rookie mistakes when it came to my skin care. I ended up with styes and pimples pretty regularly because I wasn’t taking care of my skin while wearing my eyeliner so heavy.

So, what did I do as I got older and learned to take care of my skin? I invested in makeup removal just as much as the makeup itself. I read once that Stevie Nicks never went to sleep without washing her makeup filled face (no matter how hard she partied), so surely I could take better care of my own skin too. If she can remove makeup regularly, so can I! Girl is in her 70’s now and her skin is fantastic. Taking care of her skin had to be why!

When I invested in makeup removal and made time for makeup removal, I knew that I didn’t want to just slap anything on my sensitive skin. I wanted to invest in skin care that was cruelty free, and clean. The answer I found for that was Burt’s Bees. Here’s a look at which of Burt’s products I use regularly to help keep my skin clean when I remove makeup.

I do choose the sensitive and dry skin options when it comes to Burt’s Bees, or any skin care product for that matter, because that’s how I best describe my own skin.

Think about what your skin type is and invest from there!

Here’s to better skin!