‘Lords Of Chaos’ Only Half Sucks

You’ve heard the tales from Norway about the insane scene she witnessed in the early 90s, right?

Now we get to see the whole tale retold (by actors) in a movie. This isn’t a documentary. It’s literally like watching the events happen in front of your eyes.

Before I started the movie, I questioned how accurate it would really be. That was just the first of my concerns. Here are the rest in my review…

I don’t believe that there’s a whole lot “right” in this movie other than the 90s fashion sense plastered throughout it.

I’m into Emory Cohan as Varg Vikernes, and I explain why in the video.

Overall, if you’re a casual fan, you’ll enjoy the movie. If you know the story, the details, and the music – it might drive you nuts with the inaccuracies.

I give it 6/10 vogue points. How about you?