My birth name is Valerie, but I like to go by “Val”. Valerie is just too British and proper sounding, I think. My full name is Val Kleinhans. I’m a third-generation Italian-American with a lot of passion and heart for many things. I’m originally from Pittsburgh and I currently live in Rochester, Minnesota – home of the famous Mayo Clinic.

You might remember me as a former radio host in Illinois and Minnesota.

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve been obsessed with fashion. I’ve moved around the United States quite a bit too, so this gave me some insight into various lifestyles that our country has regionally. I’m a big music fan too. All of that is “in vogue” to me. Here’s the fun part: what’s “vogue” to you is vogue to me too.

Simply put, I’ve got a lust for life! I want you to join me. I’ll be combining everything I’m into here in order to spark conversation about the things we love. You’ll see style, music, mental health, and lifestyle scoop here.

Oh, and do feed me pizza whenever possible.

Welcome. Let’s have some adventures together!